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Empowering communities to form meaningful connections, one 1:1 video conversation at a time.

Build stronger ties within your online community.

To achieve that, Hi Right Now built a web-app that serendipitously connects inspiring thinkers, creators, and leaders of online communities over a series of 6-min 1:1 video chats via a matching algorithm.

Hi Right Now is on a mission to empower humanity to form deep meaningful connections.
As the world becomes more digital, people are less inclined to physically interact with one another.

Pearls is on a mission to bring us back to our roots of meeting physically to learn, grow and show who we are as individuals.

To accomplish this, Pearls is a social and dating application for those who love pearls, Boba and bubble tea. Pearls wants to bring people and the world together, one pearl at a time. Join us on this adventure and help us spread the love of Pearls across the globe.

If you don't like pearls, Boba or bubble tea, then shame. But still apply nonetheless.
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COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older folks (50+) and immunocompromised individuals.

Elderly Asian individuals are arguably the most affected by this. Not only do they face discrimination, they also have barriers of accessibility, mobility, and language.